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Job Description

Joint Director of Health & Social Care

Accountable to: Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Officers, North, South and Central
Manchester CCG – In practice this will be jointly to Geoff Little, Deputy CEO
Manchester City Council and Caroline Kurzeja, Accountable Officer NHS South Manchester CCG
Reports to: Deputy Chief Executive (People)/Chief Officer CCG

Job Purpose

The Greater Manchester Devolution Agreement signed on 3rd November last year is an opportunity for the City and Greater Manchester to use significantly greater powers to drive our strategic priorities of growth, reform and place. The subsequent Memorandum of Understanding signed on 27th February 2015 between Greater Manchester, NHS England and the Government now opens up huge opportunities and challenges to reform health and social care and transform health outcomes for Manchester people. Manchester needs to play its full part in the implementation of a devolved health and social care system in order to get the most out of the next five years for the people and place for Manchester.

The Joint Director of Health and Social Care will have responsibility for providing strategic leadership and will lead on delivering on our commitment to integrated working, as set out within the Living Longer, Living Better (LLLB)/One team programme which all partners across the city are signed up to.

The role holder will be working on a range of complex strategic issues and be able to work within a rapidly changing national and local landscape. The task is to develop local arrangements which translate our devolution into better outcomes for local people.

The role holder will, through dynamic and effective leadership, direct and lead cross boundary working so as to provide the most effective services and best outcomes possible for Manchester’s residents. A key part of the role will be ensuring that the city plays its full part in the NHS England / Greater Manchester partnership.

The role holder will provide leadership, vision and strategic direction in corporate policy development and delivering organisational change, and will be a key driving force in the implementation of the public service reform agenda.

Key Responsibilities

  • To build consensus and constructive relationships between people and partners around a shared set of aims, values, expectations and deliverables.
  • Lead the integration of CCG and MCC capacity for commissioning community health and social care.
  • To provide clear leadership for the LLLB programme and support to translate the ‘One Team’ vision into operational reality that delivers integrated health and social care in Manchester.
  • To be a full member of the MCC and CCGs management teams to ensure strategic service delivery and alignment of commissioning activities. Work within the differing working arrangements.
  • To work effectively with non-executive leadership of the partner organizations, i.e., practice membership in CCGs, elected members in MCC.
  • To represent Manchester in work to reform Health and Social Care across Greater Manchester, including transformational change programmes across the acute sector, primary care, mental health and public health.
  • To ensure full engagement and to support collaboration by providers.
  • To ensure developments progressed are in line with principles agreed with partners with regards to leadership, governance and commissioning of health and social care.
  • To have a key role in supporting the work of the Health and Wellbeing Board, as well as providing professional advice to members of the Board, Executive Members of the Council and members of the CCGs.
  • To lead the integration of Manchester City Council and CCGs commissioning of community health and adult social care.
  • To work with partners to integrate commissioning functions, ensuring that providers are engaged throughout the process in order to secure a whole system approach to change.
  • Ensure public engagement in the planning of commissioning arrangements and in developing, considering and making decisions on any proposals for changes in commissioning arrangements that would have an impact on service delivery on the range of health and social services available within the context of LLLB.
  • Manage the range of budgets / resources made available to the services to ensure that resources are deployed to best effect, provide value for money, are well monitored and controlled and that services are managed within budget.
  • Personal commitment to continuous self-development and service improvement.
  • Through personal example, open commitment and clear action, ensure diversity is positively valued, resulting in equal access and treatment in employment, service delivery and communications.


  • Clear and explicit objectives and a work programme will be agreed with the three Manchester CCGs and MCC. An annual plan and objectives agreed by all partners will form the basis of this
  • The role holder will be required to report to the Health and Wellbeing Executive Group with specific accountability for the programme.
  • Overall accountability within the CCGs and MCC for the performance of relevant services and their delivery towards our shared vision and objectives.

Where the role holder is disabled every effort will be made to supply all necessary aids, adaptations or equipment to allow them to carry out all the duties of the role. If, however, a certain task proves to be unachievable, job redesign will be given full consideration.