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‘Living Longer, Living Better’

‘Living Longer, Living Better’ (LLLB) is the citywide Integrated Care strategy for Manchester, which was established to set out the vision to transform community based health and care services.

The intention between now and 2020 is to transform Manchester’s community based care system.  It is hoped that this transformation will support people to live longer, healthier lives by ensuring services are easily accessible within communities, well-co-ordinated and centred on the individual and their specific health needs. The programme’s vision is to radically transform the City’s community based care system by establishing a ‘One Team’ approach with the focus upon ‘place’ rather than organisation and person rather than disease. The aims of the programme are to:

  • Improve outcomes for the people of Manchester
  • Improve service standards
  • Support self-reliance of people in the City
  • Ensure sustainable finances for the health and care system.

There are a number of organisations commissioning health and care in Manchester. In order to achieve this model commissioners need to align their commissioning strategies so there is one clear ask of providers.

Manchester City Council and the three Manchester CCGs have jointly developed this specification and will work closely in the commissioning activities to support this model becoming a reality; appointing to this role is a crucial aspect the delivery plan, requiring an exceptional individual to develop and deliver the vision.

LLLB has been developed alongside a number of other major programmes of work aimed at transforming health, social care and well-being services in the city. These include:

  • Primary Care strategy – Plans produced by NHS England describing a new vision for primary care with improved access and a greater range of services available through primary care organisations. In Central Manchester, these new ways of working are being piloted under the Primary Care Demonstrator programme.
  • Mental Health Improvement Programme – A fundamental redesign of the Mental Health System in the city to address fragmentation of services and to ensure that service users receive a coordinated set of services based around their health and social care needs. Alongside this, there is a redesign of Mental Health and Wellbeing services underway. Both these pieces of work are currently undergoing a period of public engagement due to end at the beginning of February 2014.
  • MacMillan Cancer Improvement Partnership – Funded by MacMillan, this programme aims to improve identification and management of Cancer within GP practices and community services. It is also focusing on care pathways for lung and breast cancer to see how these can be refined and improved to provider better outcomes and patient experience.
  • North Manchester General Hospital site – North Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group and Pennine Acute Trust are beginning to plan the development of the North Manchester General Hospital site alongside Manchester City Council Item 5 Health and Wellbeing Board 22 January 2014 15 Manchester City Council and Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust. The vision is to retain key hospital services whilst developing the site to become a ‘hub’ for health, wellbeing and social care services.
  • Reducing social isolation grants programme – Funded by the Manchester CCGs and administered by Manchester Alliance for Community Care, this grants programme invites applications from local voluntary sector agencies to bid for monies to develop programmes of work to address social isolation and loneliness in older people – a key contributor to poor health outcomes.
  • Healthy lifestyles service redesign – A piece of work, led by Public Health Manchester, looking at redesigning the healthy lifestyle services currently available in the city.