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One Team - Place Based Care

The Living Longer, Living Better vision can only be achieved by bringing together all community based services to provide proactive joined up care as 'One Team', working toward shared outcome goals. Care should be joined up and with a focus upon proactive care in the community which keeps people well enough not to need reactive and expensive hospital or long term social care.

Rather than by disease or organisation care should be organised around the place in which people live. Teams should be structured around geographical areas and work as part of that local community tailoring the care to local needs and linking to local assets.

Adopting a One Team approach is a shift to a new way of working. It will require a cultural shift in how different professions work together but also a fundamental change in the more practical aspects of work such as estates and IT systems.

A key aspect of the model is the empowerment of provider organisations and frontline staff to collaborate and innovate to provide the best care possible for the local population. For this reason this specification is not unduly prescriptive. It describes the scope, the broad service model and the outcomes measures commissioners wish to see. It leaves the detailed design and implementation of delivery to partnerships of providers and stakeholders to deliver.

Ultimately, accountability will be to the Manchester Health and Wellbeing Board and its Executive Group. The citywide leadership group (CWLG) will oversee the implementation over the five year period and the outline implementation plan will form its broad work programme until 2020. In addition to overseeing the programme the CWLG will ensure the right balance between citywide integrity of the One Team model and the pace of implementation and local innovation that the three localities in the city can bring. As Joint Director of Health and Social Care, you will this group of key stakeholders ensuring the programme is developed and delivered effectively.

Ultimately the One Team approach needs to enable seamless working across the city and consistent and integrated care provided to residents. Localities will focus upon design and implementation within the local context, but will need to implement this in such a way that ensures the integrity and consistency outlined above. Local systems will implement provision and, therefore, providers must have network arrangements.

For copies of the full documentation regarding the overarching strategies for devolution Living Longer, Living Better and the governance structure please use the links below.