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Manchester's proud tradition of meeting, and defeating, challenges head-on runs deep in this city's DNA. So does its determination not to settle for second best.

The Manchester solution to any problem won't just be adequate – it will impress, raise eyebrows, be better than you thought – and it will be the best.  So whether it's forging the industrial revolution, discovering graphene's limitless potential, or winning a devolution deal to reshape and regrow our nation from the north down – Manchester is a powerhouse of fast-paced, world-class, stand-out success.


Overcoming worklessness and developing a new, sustainable and integrated approach to providing high quality health and social care services is crucial to achieving our confident vision. Manchester's devolution means more power to enable Manchester to overcome health inequalities, develop sector leading health and social care services that wrap around patients and help our economy to grow and prosper.

We're determined to succeed. To do this we need outstanding leadership of the work streams and programmes that will drive change – our Living Longer, Living Better One Team programme. We need people like you to help us to become the best, as part of ‘Team Manchester’, working to improve the health of and opportunities for all people living in the city.

We've started our journey with the key governance structures and agreements in place that will enable us to overcome what were once organisational boundaries.

We also know we have a long way to go, and the accompanying pages will describe this historic appointment in more detail. We hope you will find it interesting and help you decide to apply, or if you would prefer, speak to our lead consultant Simon Potts on 07889 736071 for a confidential discussion.

Letter from the Deputy Chief Executive, Manchester City Council and the Chief Officers from Manchester’s 3 CCGs

Thank you for taking the time to explore this unique opportunity to improve the lives of Manchester people.

Manchester is a city of huge ambition, innovation and drive.  Working in Manchester gives you the opportunity to do things that you wouldn’t get to do in other places.  The devolution agreement is just one example of this.  The role that Manchester played in brokering this deal with Government was instrumental in securing this game-changing agreement for the City-Region.  Game-changing because it will give us more freedom to make the right decisions for Manchester, more opportunities to innovate.  Manchester is a hugely exciting place to live and work.

Our vision is clear. Our challenge is to translate our vision into reality and this post will provide the leadership for making this happen. Manchester’s health and social care landscape is unique. Within Manchester City Council’s boundaries there are three acute providers, each with responsibility for community health, the Council with responsibility for adult and children’s care services and public health, three Clinical Commissioning Groups, a mental health trust and a broad range of voluntary and community sector organisations. All these organisations work together under the governance arrangements established under Manchester’s Health and Well-Being Board.

You will need to be skillful at navigating this complex mix of organisations, negotiating your way through a range of leadership styles, perspectives and priorities to deliver a joint and integrated programme of whole-systems reform. Driven by a fundamental focus on what is best for Manchester people you will play a key role in identifying the freedoms and flexibilities to take forward into our negotiations with central government which will remove obstacles that get in the way of progress. This is a key appointment for our City and a fantastic opportunity for the right person.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Geoff Little, Deputy Chief Executive (People)
Dr Martin Whiting, Chief Clinical Officer, North CCG
Joanne Newton, Chief Officer, Central CCG
Caroline Kurzeja, Chief Officer, South CCG